Elegant Pots & Petals customers love our creations!  Since 2006, we have created thousands of beautiful, practical, and stunningly realistic faux floral and botanical designs for homes, country clubs, offices, apartment buildings, real estate staging, parties and social events, weddings, holidays, and special gifts - and many of our customers are repeat buyers year after year.  Here is what some of them have to say:


  • "The twin purple orchid arrangements in my favorite cachepots exceeded my wildest expectations!  Gorgeous!"


  • "Everything turned out beautifully-- just right! Getting ready for the 'big day' next weekend...thanks for all of your lovely work!"


  • "Oh my gosh did my friends love the orchids!  Each one of them thought it was real!  What a fabulous idea that was."


  • "Your arrangement with the cymbidiums is just beautiful!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  • "My husband thought the succulent garden in his office was real!"


  • "We are THRILLED with the all-blue hydrangeas.  Your work is so lovely and beautifully reflects the spirit of your fine talent, fused with the creative passion you gracefully weave into each arrangement.  I feel that essence each time I visit your website.  My neighbor...stopped by for a "viewing" shortly after you left.  She LOVED them (no surprises, here)."


  • "The orchid is beautiful--looks perfect in my living room. I love it!!  Thanks so much."


  • "It looks fabulous!! I can't believe it's the same pot! You are a true artist!"


  • "Kathy, love my flowers, thank you!!!"


  • "Thank you so much for your delivery.  I am very excited about the orchid - you create such lovely orchid arrangements."

  • "The orchid you made for me is beautiful. My husband thinks it's real!  Thank you!"


  • "Kathy, I love the white orchid driftwood arrangement and was just admiring it! You do such great work. Thanks again for
    creating it for me - it looks so good there."


  • "Your arrangements make me SO happy whenever I look at them, Kathy.  Thank you for brightening my day!"


  • "We're getting rave reviews on your work at the Club..."


  • "I am thoroughly enjoying your art work as I walk and work around the house. It looks so pretty thanks to you."


  • "The amaryllis is beautiful. My friends couldn't believe it wasn't real. :) Thanks Kathy."


  • "Kathy, I just delivered the orchids and my client loved them.  Thanks for doing a great job and loving what you do!"


  • "Kathy, your beautiful orchid arrangements make the formal areas of our [country] club absolutely sparkle."


  • "Thanks for making my day brighter!  Your in-home consultation - a morning of glory - was perfect!!"


  • "Kathy, you really brought lovely things yesterday as I knew you would.  We had great success in beautifying (and updating) our building thanks to you.  The lobby looks beautiful; everyone comes to look and admire! I enjoyed working with you." 

    Kathy searches worldwide for new design inspirations

    Kathy has had a lifelong interest in orchids. Here she is at an orchid exposition
    in Rio de Janeiro in 1975

    Kathy checking out the gorgeous orchid selection
    at the Hong Kong Flower Market

    Kathy with daughter Liz enjoying a spectacular floral display aboard the Symphony of the Seas

    Kathy with beautiful hydrangeas on the
     High Line in New York City

Kathy in the Japanese Tree Peony Garden at the Rockefeller Preserve

Kathy at the Calcutta Flower Market during preparations for
the colorful festival of Diwali

Kathy at the Pan Pacific Orchid Exposition in
San Francisco with her late mom, a retired floral designer


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