EP&P's fine reproduction orchid arrangements provide lasting beauty
year-in and year-out and are completely

Following are scores of examples of our many orchid styles and varieties in a beautiful range of elegant containers -
both our own and those provided by our customers.
These are only indicative of the range of our designs as we
specialize in creating custom arrangements for our customers' specific decorating requirements.
New designs are added continually; please scroll all the way down to see our newest additions

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Featured Orchid Arrangements

Miniature white phalaenopsis orchid arrangement in
large bronze-cradled fine-porcelain bowl (D93)

Spectacular seven-stem pink-and-yellow phalaenopsis
arrangement in hand-painted porcelain footbath (D84)

Four large white phalaenopsis orchids for 360
display in fine square porcelain cachepot  (D85)



Four large green phalaenopsis orchids in
knobbed porcelain container (D85)

Eight-stem miniature white phalaenopsis orchid arrangement in
  hand-painted porcelain cachepot (D81)

Four large white phalaenopsis orchid plants
in large oval woven basket (D90)


Single large white phalaenopsis in
tall faceted clear-glass urn (D94)

Three custom white phalaenopsis arrangements in
complementary sleek white ceramic  vases (D93)

Pair of large white phalaenopsis orchids in contemporary
face-motif ceramic vase(D95)


Three green miniature phalaenopsis orchids in matte black
rectangular ceramic container (D99)


Three cream cymbidium orchids in large
Herend porcelain cachepot (D1)

Showy large, four-stem variegated
lavender phalaenopsis orchids
 in white ceramic container (D2)

Miniature variegated green phalaenopsis
 arrangement in Ikebana
ceramic container (D3)

Double lime green cymbidium
arrangement in large fleur-de-lis
 motif cachepot (D4)


Large three-stem white phalaenopsis
orchid arrangement in fine hand-
painted porcelain bowl (D5)
Large three-stem fuchscia-yellow
phalaenopsis arrangement in
fleur de lis motif urn (D6)
Large, showy arrangement of five large white
phalanaeopsis orchids in metallic gray
ceramic bowl (D96)
Four-stem green cymbidiums arrangement in large, chocolate ceramic flared urn (D8)

Delicate fuchsia dendrobium orchid
 in fine celadon ceramic vase (D9)
Three-stem cream cymbidium
arrangement in scalloped
silver bowl (D10)
Large five-stem bright-white
 phalaenopsis arrangement
in classical-motif ceramic urn (D11)
Five white phalaenopsis orchids in
 butterfly-motif ceramic pot (D12)

Showy yellow-green cymbidiums
in fine insect-motif flared
porcelain cachepot (D13)

Pair of large green phalaenopsis orchids in
grey stone boat-shaped container (D14)
Showy large white phalaenopsis in
 etched-glass moss-lined urn (D15)
Miniature variegated green
phalaenopsis  cluster in large
decorative metal planter (D16)
Three miniature white phalaenopsis
 orchids in glass cube with
moss and wood chips (D17)
Three rust cymbidium stems in
sponge-painted container (D18)
Four miniature white phalaenopsis
orchids in contemporary 
metal container (D19)
Cream cymbidium arrangement in fine cerulean ceramic cachepot (D20)
Pale pink and yellow dendrobium
 in celadon ceramic vase (D21)
Miniature green phalaeonopsis
orchids in fine ceramic
stem vase (D22)
Three miniature white phalaenopsis
orchids in fine porcelain
cachepot (D23)
Exquisite pair of white phalaenopsis
orchids in classic rectangular
cachepot (D24)
Miniature white phalaenopsis orchids
 in rustic faux stone container (D25)
Yellow dancing lady orchids in square
matte black ceramic vase (D26)
Cream dancing lady orchids with pale
coral centers in moss stone urn (D27)
Pale lime green phalaenopsis in
flared ceramic cachepot (D28)
Large double-stem cream cymbidium
 arrangement in ceramic urn (D29)
Multiple-stem cymbidium arrangement
in rustic stone container (D30)
Variegated miniature green
phalaenopsis orchids in black
square ceramic pot (D31)
Four-stem Dancing Lady orchid
 arrangement in round
ceramic cachepot (D32)
Bright-white phalaenopsis in moss-lined
 glass bowl with river-stone accents (D33)
Small orange phalaenopsis in cerulean
ceramic cachepot (D34)
Spectacular cymbidiums in tall fine-
ceramic insect-motif vase (D35)
Showy Vanda orchids in
moss stone urn (D36)
Six miniature variegated-green
phalaenopsis stems in ceramic bowl (D37)
White phalaenopsis orchid in blue
and white ceramic cachepot (D38)
Classic seven-flower phalaenopsis
in sponged container (D39)
Delicate green phalaenopsis orchid
in hand-painted container (D40)
Yellow Dancing Lady orchid
 in stone pedestal urn
Delicate lavender phalaenopsis
orchids in  oriental cachepot (D42)
Small green phalaenopsis orchid in
round  moss-motif stone pot (D43)
Lime green phalaenopsis orchid in
 black ceramic cube (D44)
Multi-stem cymbidium orchid plant
in custom container (D45)
Pale yellow phalaenopsis with burgundy
 centers in moss-motif  stone pot (D46)
Lime-green phalaenopsis with burgundy
centers in matching cachepots (D47)
Lavender phalaenopsis orchid in
 rustic moss-accented pot (D48)
Small yellow Dancing Lady orchid
in delicate ceramic container (D49)
Three lime-green phalaenopsis orchids
 elegant nature-motif cachepot (D50)
Multi-stem white dancing lady
oncidium in moss-motif stone urn (D51)
Two cream cymbidium plants
in rustic moss-motif urn (D52)
Large double-stem cream cymbidiums
 in classical-motif container (D53)
Delicate two-stem phalaenopsis plant
 in ceramic cachepot (D54)
Single white phalaenopsis in
clear glass cylinder (D55)
Large cream dancing lady orchids
in  fine porcelain urn (D56)
Single Lady's Slipper orchid in rustic
faux moss-covered container (D57)
Small white phalaenopsis in petite blue
 and white ceramic container (D58)
Lime green phalaenopsis orchid
 in hand-painted pot (D59)
Five miniature white phalaenopsis orchids in fluted crystal bowl (D60)
Three pale peach cymbidiums with
burgundy centers in sponged pot (D61)
Two purple phalaenopsis orchids in
fine ceramic container (D62)
Two showy lime-green cymbidiums with
bamboo in custom container
Small white phalaenopsis orchid plant in terracotta container (D64)
Small white phalaenopsis orchids in
rustic shell-motif stone pot (D65)
Three white phalaenopsis orchids
customer's elegant cachepot (D66)
Delicate lavender phalaenopsis orchid
in round rustic moss container (D67)
Lavender phalaenopsis orchids in mother-of-pearl abalone shell (D68)
Large bright-white phalaenopsis
orchids in fine porcelain cachepot
 with dragonfly-botanical motif (D69)
Small rose phalaenopsis in faux rustic
stoneware container (D70)
White phalaenopsis orchid in pale
 aquamarine ceramic cachepot(D71)
Showy six-stem white dancing lady arrangement in lime green ceramic pedestal urn  (D72)
Two large 10x phalaenopsis orchids
in rustic fleur de lis motif stone urn (D73)
Miniature phalaenopsis orchids in
large ceramic urn with driftwood (D74)
Purple phalaenopsis orchid in 
hollowed palm tree trunk (D75)
Three purple phalaenopsis orchids in large ceramic urn (D76)
Miniature cymbidium orchids in
earth-tone rustic glazed
ceramic container (D86)
Miniature variegated green
phalaenopsis orchids in hand-
sponged gold and cream pot (D87)
Grand multi-stem cream cymbidium
 arrangement in large
silver-tone metal container (D77)
Three miniature white phalaenopsis orchids in porcelain cachepot with botanical motif (D83)
Two large white phalaenopsis plants
in sleek knobby ceramic cube (D89)
Showy six-stem miniature white
phalaenopsis arrangement in
tall glazed ceramic urn (D82)
Three large phalaenopsis orchids
in robust terracotta
two-handled jug (D90)
Two large and two medium white  phalaenopsis orchids in oriental porcelain cachepot (D91)
Eight miniature white phalaenopsis orchids
in large Chinese porcelain bowl  (D92)
Light green midsize phalaenopsis orchids
in large porcelain bowl (D88)
Three large white phalaenopsises
in clear
moss-lined cylinder (D80)
Showy two-stem phalaenopsis in
round blue and white porcelain cachepot (D79)
Four-stem miniature white phalaenopsis cluster in rectangular
 earth-toned ceramic cachepot (D78)
Pale lime green phalaenopsis
orchids with burgundy centers
 in  fleur de lis motif urn (D7)
Large green phalaenopsis in
mirrored glass vase (D96)
Autumn medley of cymbidium orchids, hydrangeas, and roses in leaf-lined glass cylinder  (D97)
Six Dancing Lady orchids in 
basket-weave metal cachepot (D98)
Two large white phalaenopsis orchids
in fluted ceramic cachepot (D99)

Check back often as we continually add to our collection!

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