Our hydrangea arrangements and hydrangea topiaries are among our most popular items!

Available in a wide range of containers - from silver mint julep cups, clear glass cubes,
Revere bowls, round white ceramic or terracotta planters - to your own favorite container,
maintenance-free hydrangeas and combination arrangements
make ideal gifts and table decorations for holiday parties and special events,
as well as for sprucing up those neglected corners of your living space.

In addition to our newest design, immediately below,
click here to have a look at our new, custom-crafted

contemporary hydrangea arrangements incorporating
other flowers such as roses as well as a variety of beautiful
natural and reproduction botanical elements are proving to be
extremely popular both for home and commercial decoration

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One of a stunning pair of arrangements of fuchsia hydrangeas, burgundy ranunculus
and green cymbidiums, with eucalyptus seed pods and ficus-leaf accents (A42)

Silver Mint Julep Cups










Glass Cubes and Cylinders

Hydrangeas and roses in 6" tall leaf-lined glass
cylinder (A34)

Large autumn-tones hydrangea and rose cluster in glass cylinder  (A27)

Green and fuchsia hydrangeas in 5" leaf-lined glass cube (A30)


Autumn medley of hydrangeas, roses, and cymbidium orchids
in leaf-lined glass cylinder  (A28)

Large cluster of blue and white hydrangeas in leaf-lined glass cylinder (A29)

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  A31   New! Delicate pink rose - white hydrangea cluster  (A32)   A33  
  Hydrangeas, roses, and cymbidiums in leaf-lined glass cylinder (A39)   Green and white hydrangeas in leaf-lined glass cylinder (A40)   Burgundy and autumn green hydrangeas in leaf-lined glass cube (A41)  


Custom Arrangements and Contemporary Designs

Array of large-petal hydrangeas in nobby contemporary ceramic container (A35)

Large-petal white hydrangea cluster in porcelain bowl (A38)

Large contemporary full-view arrangement in metal bowl with hydrangeas
and a variety of natural and faux botanicals including eucalyptus berries,
lambís ear, hypericum berries, lotus seed pods, and pittosporum spray (A36)

Delightful hydrangea and rose arrangement with eucalyptus
berries and pittosporum spray (A37)



Large, showy multi-stem arrangement in antiqued cream-colored
ceramic cachepot with fleur-de-lis motif (A9)


Pair of multi-hued hydrangea clusters in white ceramic urns (A14)  


   Arrangement of four roses and seven hydrangeas in silver Revere Bowl (A25)

Tall cluster of blue and white hydrangeas in painted ceramic pot (A26)


Large white hydrangea cluster in silver Revere bowl (A11)

Pair of blue and white hydrangeas in cerulean porcelain pots (A24)

Multi-hued hydrangea cluster in terracotta bowl (A12)


Showy large hydrangea-peony arrangement in Nantucket basket

Large mixed hydrangea-peony arrangement in porcelain urn (A10)

Mixed hydrangea cluster in basket-weave ceramic bowl


Hydrangea Topiaries



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