EP&P's rose designs are a hit for year 'round decorating!

Our roses are exceptionally realistic! Here are just a few examples for starters.
Watch for updates as we are continually developing new rose designs

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A few of EP&P's many rose style, color, and container possibilities


            Lovely and stunningly realistic roses, roses, roses!


White roses in clear glass cube (R14)



Autumn medley of roses, hydrangeas, and cymbidium orchids in
leaf-lined glass cylinder  (R15)


Compact arrangement of roses and hydrangeas in
 rustic Tuscan-motif stone cup (R16)

  Pink roses and green hydrangeas in cube (R2)   Salmon Roses in Grey-White Stone Urn (R1)   Pink roses-green hydrangeas in mint julep cup (R3)  



  Roses and green hydrangeas in cube (R4)   Delicate pink roses in mint julep cup (R5)    

Roses and hydrangeas in rustic stone urn (R6)


  Roses and peonies in glass cube (R7)  

Delicate pink roses in glass cube (R9)


Miniature rose plant arrangement in rustic jug (R8)


  Four roses and seven hydrangeas in silver Revere bowl (R10)   Large autumn-tone rose and hydrangea cluster (R12)    

Delicate miniature yellow roses in terracotta pot (R11)


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