Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are custom floral reproductions?
Custom floral reproductions utilize a combination of high-quality man-made and natural materials to create life-like representations of natural flowers and plants. Each one of EP&P's arrangements is designed and hand-made by EP&P in Greenwich, CT; no two are alike.

Q: Why are EP&P's creations so life-like?
A: EP&P uses the highest-quality materials available, then carefully designs each floral reproduction utilizing natural flowers as a guide. EP&P's arrangements require a considerable amount of time to create, and natural elements such as bamboo, curly willow, red bud, raffia, and mosses are incorporated in the designs to enhance both their verisimilitude and elegance.

Q: Do EP&P's arrangements require care?
A: The beauty of EP&P's floral reproductions is that they are care-free, unlike real orchids and other natural flowers which require watering, feeding, re-potting, and specialized lighting. An occasional gentle dusting is all that is necessary.

Q: Does EP&P create custom arrangements to-order?
A: Yes! Since each of EP&P's creations is unique, we are delighted to create arrangements to customers' specifications and many of our repeat customers avail themselves of this one-of-a kind service.

Q: May I have an arrangement done in my own container?
A: Absolutely. Many of EP&P's customers provide us with containers for their arrangements. Have a look at the Orchid Gallery and the other floral galleries for many such examples.

Q: How much do EP&P's creations cost?
A: EP&P's prices depend on a number of factors, including the type, size, and number of stems, leaves, and other design elements; the type and size of container; the complexity of the design; and the amount of time required to create the arrangement. Most of EP&P's creations are typically priced in the range of $85 to $300, which is considerably lower than that of our largest competitor, whose products are made on a production line while ours are all custom (and lovingly) hand-crafted.

Q: Where can EP&P's creations be purchased?
A: EP&P participates in many selling events such as charity boutiques and other shows, principally in the greater New York metropolitan area. We also are delighted to sell directly to consumers and welcome enquiries. Because our arrangements are custom-made, we do not at present sell through retail outlets but do welcome enquiries from interested specialty retailers. Please contact us for further information.

Q: Do you provide gift packaging?
A: Yes. Contact us for details.

Q: Do you ship?
As a rule EP&P does not ship because the size, delicate nature, unique design elements, and extremely high quality of our designs requires specialized boxing and shipping materials that, together with insurance, increases the cost to the purchaser substantially. With that caveat, however, we will consider shipping certain types of our creations upon request. Please contact us for further information.

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